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Experiences, Reflections, Actions.




Old Chinese Philosophy: In order to attain wisdom, it is not enough merely to read books, you must be travelled as well. 


I believe in the importance of exploring and learning the world through experiences, reflections and actions. And I always seek opportunities that allow me to travel to new places.


       It was 8:00 am in the morning on January 2, 2012. The bus started driving away from South Station in Boston and to New York City. I sat on the first seat on the right side of the bus. I gazed at the tall buildings of Boston until I could not see any more. Then I turned myself to see around, only few people on the bus. A mix feelings of excitement and anxious arose from this quiet bus with a scent of detergent smell in the air. It was not that I had never been to New York City. It was that New York City was only a transfer site. The destination was Washington D.C., where I was going to live and work for the coming three weeks.  It was my first time traveling to a city on my own that I knew so little about.  In order to pull myself away from worrying, I took a book out of my backpack and started reading.


         Three weeks later, I was at the Central Station at Washington D.C. and waiting the bus to New York. I felt reluctant to leave this city. In reflecting on what happened in the past three weeks, I have so much unexpected experiences. Interning in the National Museum of Natural History was definitely the most excited part of my journey. Most importantly, I have benefited from the people I met and from places I visited in the past three weeks, such as first interning day at the National Museum of Natural History,  meeting a 92 year-old volunteer, listen to the story behind the statue of Martin Luther, Jr. Memorial on the Martin Luther King Memorial Day. These experieces has enriched my ways of thinking and my values. I could never have the same experiences or emotions from readiing books or any other ways.


        I have learned so much from traveling. 

        Before high school, all I wanted was to stay home, but my mom always told me to go out and see around. I did not understand what she meant to “go out and see around” until I started exploring the world out of my comfort zone. It was not easy to make the first move. However, my mom always encouraged me to explore what was around me. She really helped me to recognize the value of  exploring the world through traveling.


        I now value more about Learning through exploring as I travel more. Even to a known destination, there is always an unexpected experiences in my travel journey. Upon reflecting on my experiences, I take action in embracing my learning. 



Photo: taken in the Metro of Washington D. C. in Jan 2012. (where the train lead, where is the destination.)

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.