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Standard E – Meets Professional Responsibilities




1. Understands his or her legal and moral responsibilities.



By attending professional development workshops and collaborating with collegues at Smith College and in the Northampton Public School District, I have extended my knolwedge and understanding of my legal and moral resposibilities as a teacher in the State of Massachusetts.


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2. Conveys knowledge of and enthusiasm for his/her academic discipline to students.




As described by my Cooperating Teacher during my pre-practicum when tutoring students in reading, I displayed my understanding of teaching reading, pedagogical techniques, and consistent motivation to teach to each session.


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3. Maintains interest in current theory, research, and developments in the academic discipline and exercises judgment in accepting implications or findings as valid for application in classroom practice.


 For the discussion section of student teaching, I have read various articles and book selections in regard to best practices, recommendations and current research. I have noted the findings' influence on my teaching in my weekly reflection posted below.


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4. Collaborates with colleagues to improve instruction, assessment, and student achievement.


My supervisor notes that I come in early for planning and discussing instruction and students with my Cooperating Teacher and the classroom ESP.


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5. Works actively to involve parents in their child’s academic activities and performance, and communicates clearly with them.



My Cooperating Teacher appreciated my attendance at the school's open house and my communication with them throughout the evening.


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6. Reflects critically upon his or her teaching experience, identifies areas for further professional development as part of a professional development plan that is linked to grade level, school, and district goals, and is receptive to suggestions for growth.


My supervisor writes that I am a reflective practitioner. I am open to feedback and am eager to improve and learn new strategies.


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7. Understands legal and ethical issues as they apply to responsible and acceptable use of the Internet and other resources.




I give examples of my comprehension of the issues and resposiblities that surround incorporation of the internet in my final three-way meeting report for my first semester in the fourth grade through time in the computer lab with students.


Understands legal and ethical issues as they apply to responsible and acceptable use of the internet     





Explanation of Rating for Standard E – Meets Professional Responsibilities:





Rating Scale: 1=Does Not Meet the Standard; 2=Meets the Standard, 3=Exceeds the Standard; NA=Not Applicable.


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.