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Standard A - Plans Curriculum and Instruction





1. Draws on content standards of the relevant curriculum frameworks to plan sequential units of study, individual lessons, and learning activities that make learning cumulative and advance students’ level of content knowledge. (Specify Curriculum Framework title, learning standards, and concept and skills used [attach list if necessary]).


See document posted below for a chart that outlines and describes lessons that I have taught in each discipline in obth fourth and fifth grade during my full year of student teaching at Jackson Street Elementary School.








2. Draws on results of formal and informal assessments as well as knowledge of human development to identify teaching strategies and learning activities appropriate to the specific discipline, age, level of English language proficiency, and range of cognitive levels being taught.


 During my pre-practicum experience with working with a 5th grader on math, I reviewed his formal and informal assessments prior to working with him to guide my instruction and approach to helping him improve.


1Draws on results of formal and informal assessment.docx


Draws on results of formal and informal assessment.docx    






3. Identifies appropriate reading materials, other resources, and writing activities for promoting further learning by the full range of students within the classroom.


In this lesson, I incorporated a book that some students knew as an example, Sarah Plain and Tall. I chose this book because it was listed as a recommended choice for this age group of 4th grades in the Common Core Standard's recommendations for books. This lead to application of using leads in a writing activity and looking for examples in their independent reading.


Identifies appropriate reading material and other resources.docx

4. Identifies prerequisite skills, concepts, and vocabulary needed for the learning activities and design lessons that strengthen student reading and writing skills.


In the script that I wrote for a writing lesson that I taught, I describe how I planned to use what students have already learned to explore new vocabulary and solidify their understanding of more familiar vocabulary. 


Identifies appropriate skills, concepts, and vocabulary needed.docx

5. Plans lessons with clear objectives and relevant measurable outcomes.



My faculty supervisor mentions that I repeat my learning objectives throughout the lesson to students and monitor student understanding through use of a recording sheet and consistently having students share. This allowed me to monitor the lesson results.


Plans lessons with clear objectives.docx



6. Draws on resources from colleagues, families, and the community to enhance learning.


My cooperating teacher emailed me in appreciation of my involvement in school functions with families, colleagues and others in the Northampton area and its incoporatinion in student learning.


Draws on resources from colleagues, families and the community.pdf


7. Incorporates appropriate technology and media in lesson planning.



In a script that I wrote for my reference and planning for a math lesson, I describe my usage of the classroom SMART Board as a visual aid and to increase student attention and participation.


Incorporates appropriate technology.docx     

8. Uses information in Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) to plan strategies for integrating students with disabilities into general education classrooms.


My faculty supervisor commended my use of a students' learning differences in the classroom in order to foster whole-class instruction to benefit the student and the group as a whole. I also became part of the process by attending meetings and discussions in regard to a students' changing and growing IEP.


Uses information in IEPs to plan strategies for integrating students.docx 

9. Uses instructional planning, materials, and student engagement approaches that support students of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, strengths, and challenges.


To accommodate all learners, I differentiate instruction in each lesson to provide information through various outlets (aural, visual, tactile, etc.). In the attached form that I completed for a three-way meeting with my cooperating teacher and faculty supervisor, I describe my approach to working with students on 504 plans (Autism) and a classroom of learners with varied interests, strengths, lagging skills and more. Our class, and Jackson Street Elementary as a whole, includes students of varied cultural backgrounds.


Uses instructional planning, materials, and student engagement approaches.docx   




Explanation of Rating for Standard A - Plans Curriculum and Instruction:




Rating Scale: 1=Does Not Meet the Standard; 2=Meets the Standard, 3=Exceeds the Standard; NA=Not Applicable.

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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.