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Elementary (1-6)

 Standard (b)2c

Demonstrates adequate knowledge of and approach to the academic content of lessons.




License-Specific Evaluation Questions




Has the candidate demonstrated proficiency in developing learning units drawing on the content and grade level standards contained in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks in English/Language Arts, History/Social Science, Science and Technology, Health, Mathematics and the Arts?

English/Language Arts:

J.Chase_LessonPlan#1.docx (fourth grade)


Writing_Reviews.docx (first grade)

Chase_phonics_compound words.docx (first grade)


History/Social Science:



Science and Technology:













1st_grade art_standards_Lessonplan.docx

Has the candidate demonstrated knowledge of child development (early childhood through preadolescence) to plan appropriate learning experiences?

Through previous course experiences in the field, I have learned how to differentiate instruction based on where the student is developmentally. This is evident in my early childhood coursework, where I worked with a kindergartener in comparision to my tutoring work with a fifth grader in math.


Demonstrated knowledge of child development (kindergarten experience).docx


Demonstrated Knowledge of child development#2 (5th grade experience).docx

Does the candidate demonstrate knowledge of the five dimensions of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension?

By studying the processes related to teaching reading, I have completed both corusework and lessons that incorporate that knowledge in regard to literacy development through the stages leading to fluency and comprehnsion. The assignment and my response pasted below display my background knowledge of teaching reading.


Literacy Assignment Prompt (338).pdf


Literacy Assignment Response (338).docx

Does the candidate use research-based strategies to shelter the content for students and promote academic language development, differentiating for students at different stages of English language acquisition? 

As evident in a lesson that I taught in the fourth grade, I planned for ELL students in order to provide differentitation.


Research-based strategies to shelter the content.docx 

Does the candidate use information contained in IEPs to effectively plan and assess learning experiences for students with special needs integrated into the general education classroom?

In this jounral entry, I write about how a approached working with a student who is on an IEP and how it benefitted whole-class instruction.


Uses information contained in IEPs to effectively plan.docx 

Is the candidate able to help students see connections across the curricula by integrating subject matter in lesson planning and instruction?

 As described by my faculty supervisor, I incorporate the importance and practicality of skills across disiplines in order to emphasize their usefulness in life.In this case, it was visualizing when reading and how it can be used in other areas of study and more.


Connections across curricula.docx

Does the candidate demonstrate knowledge of the basic principles and concepts related to elementary mathematics?

As depicted in the script that I used when teaching a fourth grade mathematics lesson, I demonstrated my knowledge of mathematics and applied that knowledge when working with students.


Knoweldge of mathematics.docx

Does the candidate demonstrate knowledge of history and social science including major developments and figures in US, Massachusetts and world history, basic economic and geographic principles and concepts and US political principles?

I reflected on my participation and leadership in a social studies project and other social studies untis in which we have incorporated major events on the various levels (nation, state, local, etc) in relation to students personally and how they are connected to other ideas in social science, like geography and more. Students see themselves as global citizens who can have a positive impact.


Knowledge of history and social science.docx

Does the candidate demonstrate knowledge of science and technology/engineering including the life sciences, physical sciences and major scientific and technological discoveries and principles and procedures of scientific inquiry?

On a fieldtrip, I shared my knowedge of biology and life sciences with students while emphasizing the use of proper scientific procedure and methods.


Demonstration of knowledge of science.docx

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.