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Philosophy Statement


I have heard that real change begins at home. That it is the family that can change the person and it is that person who can change the family.

More than fifty years ago my grandmother was denied her desire and her right to finish school. In fact she was just starting it. But, instead of going to school, she was told to clean the house and care for the children. When she eventually had a family of her own she was again the caretaker and house manager. With the formal education of a second grader, she made it a point that all eight of her children, four girls and four boys, would receive a high school education. It did not matter that the floor was the dirt ground or that the roof was made of tin or that the feeling of hunger still persisted after most meals. My grandmother’s dream of education was passed on to my mother, whom also passed it to me.

Change invokes many thoughts to mind. Like courage, initiative, leadership and a critical analysis of a situation. I believe that my mother exuded these qualities when she made the decision to come to the U.S.A. and when she became a single parent. Her vision of our future incorporated love, determination and  the best quality education.  

It is that cross continental history that motivates me to question the educational and occupational opportunities that are made available for marginalized communities today. Where is their support? Where is their motivation?

Having worked with immigrant students, conversed with activists and social movement leaders, and studied systems of oppression, I hope to bring my experiences and values of honesty, compassion, and curiosity together to continue to interact and engage with the silenced voices and help share their stories.



To allow silence in the past, allows for silence in the future.- Gloria Steinem.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.